“Your imagination is our limitation”

About RCM

1st Generation

Working in a sheet metal union

2nd Generation




3rd & 4th Generation
Robert & Dan

Still here keeping it going!

Here at Robert's Custom Metal, one might say metal working is in our blood. It all started with a man named Eugene, he was the first to start our journey. He started in 1920 when he was just fifteen years old. He quickly learned the trade from the old school ways. He ran a shop in Rhode Island for fifty-two years with much success! Eugene's son in-law Leo also worked and learned his art. Many years later Leo became supervisor of the welding and fabrication department. Leo is our second generation, As well as the father to Robert. Robert has built his company on honesty and integrity. The work that is produced by Robert's Custom Metal is made the old fashion way; hand tools, hard work and understanding how metal is worked. In the forty-three years that Robert has worked with his hands, he has also mastered the art of wood working. "we love a challenge". For the past twelve years Robert and Dan have worked together. Showing his son Dan everything he has learned in his career thus far. Dan joined the family business when he was just sixteen years old. Proud of his family trade, he hopes some day there will be a new generation carrying the family torch. The art of metal working will always be our passion. With 4th generation old world craftmenship, you are guaranteed your job is done right!